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                                    Young people and women hit hard by jobs crisis

                                    The COVID-19 crisis is having a greater impact on some workers than others. Young people and women are among those at greatest risk of joblessness and poverty. They generally have less secure, unskilled jobs and are highly represented among workers in industries most affected by the crisis, such as tourism and restaurants.

                                    Actions for a common future

                                    Enhance equal access to opportunities for all

                                    To do this, we need to tackle the inequalities that existed well before this pandemic and are now getting worse. Governments have many levers to make this happen. G20 Governments need to keep acting boldly to make sure that the recovery benefits everyone.

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                                    Deliver on climate commitments

                                    In a post-COVID world, governments have a unique chance for a green and inclusive recovery that they must seize. Otherwise future generations will be responsible not only for repaying the massive debt that is now being built up, but also for shouldering the burden of dealing with future crises.

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                                    Literacy skills to tackle the infodemic

                                    The 21st century is about constructing and validating knowledge. The more knowledge technology allows us to search and access, the more important deep understanding and the capacity to navigate ambiguity becomes.

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